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Scalloped Lampshade in White Twisted Rope

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Size | 10"

A handwoven twisted rope lampshade with signature Maison Maison scallops along the bottom. 
  • Twisted rope
  • Harp fitting
  • Due to the handmade nature, color dyes will vary 


10 inch: 6″T x 10″B x 8″H / 15cm T x 25cm B x 20cm H

12 inch: 7″T x 12″B x 8″H / 18cm T x 30.5cm B x 20cm H

14 inch: 9″T x 14″B x 9.5″H / 23cm T x 36cm B x 24cm H

16 inch: 10″T x 16″B x 10″H / 25cm T x 41cm B x 26cm H

18 inch: 12″T x 18″B x 12″H / 30.5cm T x 46cm B x 30.5cm H